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Black Friday 2: Blood Money (The UNCUT Version) (OST)

by Protector 101

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AfroNerd thumbnail
AfroNerd This is one of my favorite albums within this genre due to how perfectly it captures the essence of John Carpenter's own music. Protector is able to emulate Carpenter yet keep his own style that makes for a great album. Favorite track: The Night He Rose From The Ashes.
Kaleb Alfadda
Kaleb Alfadda thumbnail
Kaleb Alfadda Awesome stuff, right on par with the master himself! (John Carpenter). This album seriously brings you back to an era where horror was driven by the music itself. This album is very well thought out and a perfect companion to any horror fanatics collection. Favorite track: The Night He Rose From The Ashes.
kmxexii thumbnail
kmxexii A dark masterpiece that's so cinematic you could swear that you'd seen an actual movie. Enough context is given by the music and the titles that you can feel the panic of "Not Dead Yet" or how someone in "Security Cameras" is powerless to warn victims. The amount of story implied by "The Death of Santa Claus" alone is staggering, and the sense of inevitability in "Ashes" is powerful. It's a sequel, of course. Finch's return comes as no surprise to us. The brooding, building title is my favorite. Favorite track: Black Friday 2: Blood Money (Theme).
Brian S.
Brian S. thumbnail
Brian S. I bet in his previous life Protector 101 taught John Carpenter how to make soundtracks! Favorite track: Bird Sanctuary (A Burnt Past).
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After Hours 02:21
Not Dead Yet 01:42
Parking Lot 02:16
Mall Cop 03:14
Lights Out 01:29


A couple of months back Newt Wallen of Midnight Show asked me if I could do music for an Isaac Williams trailer/film called "Black Friday 2: Blood Money". I was pretty swamped with other projects at the time so I asked him how much audio are you looking for and he said about 3 minutes worth would be more than enough. I read the script he sent me and I loved it! A madman wearing a George Washington mask, getting his revenge by killing people in a mall due to their greedy and consumerists ways and done in the 80s slasher vibe was fantastic! And also the fact that this was part 2 even though there was no part 1 to begin with made it even better! How could I turn it down?! So I said yes.

My original plan was to make one 3 minute long song but something started to happen. I started making little tracks here and there. One for each "scene" that was in the trailer. Now keep in mind, I had no video to work with. Just a script and some ideas that were thrown at me by Newt and Isaac. I started working on these seperate tracks, 3 turned into 5 tracks... 5 tracks turned into 10 and so on and so on until I eventually had a whole LP worth of audio! I knew then I had something for this Halloween to release, something that I didn't know I would have ready. I thought this definitely needs a physical release but Halloween was just around the corner! I hit up my good friend Sam from Revolving Door Records and he really pulled some strings and made things work last minute for the cassette release. Jeppe worked on the art design last minute too, even took computer on his holiday to work on the design! Wow... what great people to have in your life!

As far as the vibe of the release I wanted it to have a Carpenter/Howarth sound to it and do it closest way possible. Keeping it simplistic and not overusing any post effects on the sounds relying on drone sounds to keep that tense vibe. Since the setting was in a mall I HAD to make a few "mall songs" to go with the soundtrack as well.

I hope everyone enjoys the 'UNCUT' version of this release and I hope it helps set the mood for your Halloween this year! Maybe one day this 'faux' trailer actually becomes a full on film someday but until then I now give you my vision of what Black Friday 2: Blood Money would sound like! Have a Happy Halloween!!!

Protector 101


released October 30, 2013

Thanks to Newt Wallen (Producer) & Isaac Williams (Director)

J-Card design: Jeppe Hasseriis

Sam Hatzaras and Justin Bieler for their amazing support.

Story written and narrated by Jake Freeman on track 1.

All Mall Songs on track 17 composed with a Yamaha SHS-10 and a Casio SK-1


all rights reserved



Protector 101 Oxnard, California

A robot designed to protect but gone haywire in a mass slaughter of helpless humans.

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